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Photo by RobertoGonzales.com

BIO: Juliana Coles, award winning fine artist and fellow in the 2017 Clark Hulings Fund 2017 Business Accelerator Program, received her BFA from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. A controversial pioneer of the Art Journaling movement, Coles developed “Visual Journaling,” an active meditation technique and spiritual practice that accesses archetypal signs and symbols from the unconscious for transformation and healing.  What began as a personal creative inquiry into developing new pathways in the brain after her epileptic seizures, this process, taught by Coles internationally and online, is now used by art therapists, teachers, artists and professionals around the world.  Her inspiring Visual Journals have been featured in over 30 books including “Making Journals By Hand,” and as part of the “1000 Journals Project" her work was exhibited at the SFMOMA.  In 2014 Coles published her first book, “Ghost Pirate,” illuminating grief and loss. The artist creates from her enchanted studio in Albuquerque, NM, where a 2016 artist residency in Morocco greatly influences and inspires a new body of mixed media paintings and drawings.  

 ARTIST STATEMENT: At the heart of my expression, I am a story teller, and my artwork combines hand lettered narrative with imagery. As a mixed media artist creating in the High Desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I am most known for my radical Visual Journals, my international teaching of that process, and my mixed media paintings and figure drawings.  I never sit down to complete a vision or an idea. I work; I work on many pieces at once, simultaneously creating in sketchbooks, adding imagery and lettering to multi layered Visual Journals, drawing, redrawing and cutting up images from figure drawing groups, pasting papers together to create new images, and adding to larger paintings and drawings that line my studio walls. I build and excavate these pieces in unison, in tandem, and one practice or process cannot exist without the other.