Pirate QUeens; Piracy is a crime

From my landlocked studio in the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I am currently developing “Pirate Queens,” a groundbreaking body of work that reveals the extraordinary lives of female pirates from all over the world who dared to live life on their own terms; many women donned male attire to take advantage of the rights and privileges that were exclusive to men. Living outside the law, female pirates abandoned home and comfort to pursue freedom beyond society’s confines.

Through my research I discovered over 58 female pirates you have never heard of. As long as there have been waterways, a vessel, and stars to guide her way, there have been female pirates.  Many of these women served in their country’s army or acquired maritime skills through the navy. Captains, rebels, privateers, thieves, revolutionaries, heroines, fighters, villains, killers and yes, even actual Queens; these women changed the course of history. Though their stories have been disavowed for thousands of years, their names are no longer withheld from the archives of humanity. “Pirate Queens” reclaims women’s historical significance and introduces all audiences to a fascinating piece of missing world history.

Developing this body of work requires extensive research into the lives of these outstanding and courageous women.  I am currently looking into residencies in coastal areas of the world in order to further investigate the lives of female pirates. The “Pirate Queens” work consists of paintings, drawings, installations such as actual piers, murals and ‘Captain’s Logs’ that allow viewers to actually touch and flip through the pages. Do not expect portraits in the traditional style of famous pirate painter/illustrator Howard Pyle; the Pirate Queen portraits will retell their stories through a bold contemporary artistic vision that combines text or narrative with imagery.

Do you know of any residencies, funding opportunities or exhibit spaces that would be interested in working with me? Do you have any stories of female pirates? Any information is greatly appreciated please email me at meandpete@msn.com

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