Click here for a full stream sketchbook!   The sketchbooks for me represent a different practice than my Visual Journaling process, though they often crossover. Typically the sketchbooks are created on location with a bic pen in a simple and fast line drawing. Some of these sketches become more involved by experimenting with various pens and colored markers or added ephemera such as tickets to shows, luggage stickers, menus to give me a sense of place.  The sketchbook is simpler than the Visual Journaling process, requiring less materials, time and more on the go, spontaneous. I get impatient quickly, so most of my sketches serve as a spring board for later writing. I hurry up with the sketch so I can slow down and turn inward to create meaning and relationship from the world I am a part of.   Both the Visual Journal and Sketchbook are containers of profound information that makes its way into larger paintings and drawings, and it is within these books that I see the threads of my evolvement as an artist. These books are the "how to" manuals; instruction books in an ancient code that is up to me to decipher.  The sketchbook is the backbone or workhorse of my artistic expression.