In 1992, based on my expression as an artist, I developed a unique creative process for the Epilepsy Society of San Francisco that combined journal writing with art making in a book for self expression, self dialogue, and healing. I have been teaching this powerful process ever since honing my skills and developing my philosophy. I have created many workbooks that I sell to inspire others with this amazing practice of combining words with imagery, as well as teaching both here in the USA, and internationally with Destiny Voyages Retreats.  For more information on Visual Journaling and upcoming workshops, Click here.  To purchase workbooks to begin your own study click here. To see more Journal Pages, click here.

My vision as an artist and as a teacher has always been to heal the planet by healing ourselves, and that means recognizing our good. What better way to do that than to make it tangible on the page? I see my students reflected faces in the pages of their visual journals and when their families or the world may have taught them they don’t matter, they are discovering a voice that says they do. My Visual Journals are a testament to that human spirit- that ‘still small voice” inside. The medical industry is medicating everyone for every feeling from sadness to anger. We are not supposed to feel. Its not okay to feel. Well, I encourage it, and I challenge everyone to join me in this vulnerability. This is what it means to be fully and deeply human.